Plastic Free Natural Deodorant And Detox Kit By Earth Purities

Earth Purities is a Plastic Free Natural Deodorant that has lots of potential. It’s so inspiring to see brands thinking outside the box, and looking to improve their products.

There are plenty of natural deodorants out there, some that are really good, apart from the plastic!

How to make your own facial pads.

We have recently finished Plastic Free July, and one of the items I had to give up (due to it being packaged in plastic), was Cotton wool facial pads.

So I worked out ‘How to make your own facial pads’! Baring in mind I’m one of those people that see’s something and thinks, ‘Yeah I can make that’ – these are not perfect, but they work!

Skin care from your Herb garden – The Physic Garden

I love the idea of your Herb Garden providing for you – not just your veggie’s, but in a medicinal and healing way too.

Charelle Founder of The Physic Garden, has bought her knowledge of Naturopathy (and being brought up in a household, where her parent sold their own herbal products), and created the most beautiful balms and salts.

Did I buy plastic during Plastic Free July?


We’ve now come to the end of Plastic Free July, and if I’m completely honest – I’m sorry to say it was harder than I thought.

I’m so pleased that we decided to take up this challenge, it’s been so eye opening as to how much plastic we use in our day to day lives – It’s literally everywhere!

So the question is, did I make the whole of July without buying any plastic?

Plastic Free July – Can I do it, and why do I want to?

Well the title says it all really –

But for those of you who aren’t familiar with ‘Plastic Free July’, it’s a movement that was born in Western Australia. It started in 2011 to raise awareness of the amount of plastic we use, and to encourage people to forgo single use plastics for the month of July – Plastic Free July is now world-wide, and looks to be picking up speed every year.