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Hello there, thank you for taking the time to read ‘about me’, it’s easy to skip this page I know.

I’m a mum of twins Pixie and Bert, and wife to my best friend and partner in crime. My husband is incredibly inspiring to me, and he has a massive input in this blog.

Everyday my eyes are open for new products and ideas that are not only healthy for my children but green to the earth.

These days people are far too quick to pick up the cheap and easy product to make life simple (yes this include me too on occasion) – Yes I agree being a mum is hard work, so anything that makes life a little easier is high up on our list… – Or we go for the designer label that can quite simply (sometimes) cost the Earth.

I’ve always had a passion for Eco products but once babies came along that passion grew, I found myself online at every spare moment while pregnant trying to find the best products for our soon to be born babies.

This blog started off as a way for me to share my findings on eco baby products – however the ball has markedly picked up speed, and Yummy Green Mummy is now covering more and more sustainable subjects – this is so exciting!

As the kids are growing and we as a family are growing, new challenges face us – not just in what we buy and how we live, but in raising our children. It’s a long hard road parenthood, no one is perfect and sometimes hearing about those imperfection in others can help you realise this – the grass is always greener, right? There will be a fair few posts on our parenting successes and disasters I’m sure!

Living a Green life has become a small obsession, everything is an exciting challenge on how we can shop, eat, clean, play, dress… as green as possible. We are very much at the beginning of our journey and have a long road ahead of us. I’ll be sharing it with you all as we go down this amazing path to a greener and more sustainable future.

I’m so passionate about this beautiful earth we live on, we need to nurture her and help her grow to an old/older age.http---signatures.mylivesignature.com-54492-353-79F0E2DE10204BD58940D2D5D6BCE763


  1. em0navari | 19th Jan 15

    Hi there,
    Great when one discovers blogs like yours. I’m really interested to see how you go with your ‘no buy’ policy this year. I’ve pondered it, but never taken the leap! I did buy no new clothes for 6 months though and that felt good! Thanks for visiting my Blog and I look forward to hearing more about your journey, Eco-mummy

    • yummygreenmummy@gmail.com | 19th Jan 15

      Hi Eco mummy,
      Thank you for your comment, it’s an exciting time in our house thats for sure! Great to have so many peoples support while doing this. x

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