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Nacido + Yummy Green Mummy tribe = Beauty

In April 2014 I happened to walk into the right market tent and the right time. This is where I met Matt and Bel Field, designers and founders of the beautiful Nacido label. I wrote a product review for Nacido (Click here), and was able to interview this gorgeous couple (Click here) too. Since then we’ve become close friends, and I feel truly blessed to have them in our lives.

It’s not often you meet people who are so incredibly passionate about what they’re doing, and what they stand for. Nacido is the product of that passion for Matt and Bel and I adore it!

When Bel came to me and asked if the twins could be in their new collection lookbook, of course I said yes.

This is what happens when you mix Nacido with the Yummy Green Mummy tribe!

Pixie wearing the stunning Agadoo Boatneck dress – Cotton crochet, 100% handmade.

Bert wearing Heavyweight Aqua BamBam pants, and Aqua scarf. The kids have lived in their heavyweight BamBams this winter, they are so warm, I so desperately want a pair!!

Pixie wearing Heavyweight BamBams in animal stripe.

So in love!

Pixie wearing Harlequin Longs. These come in mummy size too!!

This picture is just too cute for words!

Bert wearing Lightweight BamBams in soft grey white print.

Pixie wearing the Luna Poncho.

Beautiful Bertie!

Support slow fashion, who made your Clothes?

Nacido – Beautiful clothes, beautiful people

On a sunny friday morning strolling around my local farmers market I come across Nacido. I was firstly lured in by the stunning turquoise colours I could see – it’s my favourite colour so can spot it a mile off!

As I step into the little oasis that’s their stall, I start to take in the rest of the items around me – I’m home!

I started chatting to Bel and Matt the creators and designers of Nacido, I was instantly hit by their passion and positivity for life and business. Nacido is a relatively new label, only coming about after Bel and Matt had their baby boy who is now 11 months.

Their brand is very centred around kids and helping contribute to children’s welfare in other places. It’s really refreshing to hear them talk about their business, they’re very much on a journey to become as sustainable and ethical as possible.

They are still – in their words ‘a work in progress’, and not shy about telling you that. As most of us know it’s not always easy to just ‘become’ sustainable, it can take a little while with lots of trial and errors, but that’s what makes the journey amazing and worthwhile. People that put in the effort to live and work sustainably are in my eyes, the world’s heroes.

I have pretty much been wearing my Nacido Unisex pants since I got them! They are just perfect for yummy mummy work – comfortable, loose, soft, great for crawling and running around in, and they look good. I even went to Yoga this morning in them and not had to change. The only problem with them is, I love them so much I’m going to have to get a few more pairs, as I’ll have to wash these soon! Me & Pixie in our pants The kids Bam Bam pants are so cute, the twins look amazing in them. They are made from 100% cotton and have a rayon waist band. These pants are so light and soft they are just awesome for warm weather, keeping the kids cool and their legs covered from the sun on those very hot days. Pixie in her pants Running races Beautiful Bertie copy Beautiful smiles Bert in his pants Pixie's Nacido bottom Mummy and Pixie love The Egg shakers are really lovely, they’ve got a great feel to them – a perfect size for little ones. The shakers are made from Indonesian mahogany with ‘Nacido’ burnt into the side – Very aesthetically pleasing. All kids love making noise, banging, strumming, singing, shaking, it’s all really good for perfecting their motor skills and it’s an amazing bond time for you and your child, there is nothing quite like having a jump around to music with your kids. We even incorporated the shaker eggs into our Easter egg hunt around the garden, it doesn’t have to all be about chocolate – we decided to change the rules a bit. Nacido eggNacido eggsThe hunt is on So much about this brand I like, there’s a lot of thought and care that’s gone into all aspects of what you see – When you buy a piece from Nacido you receive a linen bag to take your goods home in, this is perfect to upcycle in all manner of ways – toys, pegs, fruit & veg, yoga/gym, (ours is being used for Bert’s cars at the moment) the list goes on.

The eggs came in little hemp sacks with hemp twain, all tags on the clothing are wooden and very pretty so again could be reused – keyrings, Christmas tree decorations, craft pieces for exciting creations you can make with your kids.

Even their business cards are made from wood!! They’re from this fab company called Print on Wood, who plant a tree every time they print on wood – to cut a long story short, by taking out the middle part of making a business card they use very few emissions and no nasty chemicals.  It’s making me think I need some business cards too!

Nacido have great attention to detail in providing us with as ethical product as possible. As I said earlier, in their own words they are a ‘work in progress’, this is very exciting as this shows the drive Bel and Matt have, to go as far as they can to become as Sustainable and Eco friendly as they can. I very much look forward to what will come next from this young and passionate brand.

Nacido Etsy shop

Nacido Facebook page

Itsus Eco Clothing

Itsus Eco has a fresh way of looking at design – they have a belief in “working hard to create beautiful high quality but Organic clothing”. I really like the imagery that these guys put onto their clothing, it’s fun, fresh, pretty, natural and artistic.

Itsus Eco has gone that step further to ensure a truly Organic product. They use the Organic and Fair Trade textile manufacturing company System Green, who seems to have every area of Organic clothing covered from Non-toxic biodegradable sewing threads to Hang tags made from sugar cane!

Each piece is made from 100% Organic Egyptian cotton. The designs are screen printed onto the clothing (which is unusual these days) with non-toxic dyes and organic compatible inks.

Screen shot 2013-09-24 at 2.42.56 PMScreen shot 2013-09-24 at 2.44.50 PM

Screen shot 2013-09-24 at 2.42.19 PM

Screen shot 2013-09-24 at 2.46.55 PMScreen shot 2013-09-24 at 2.43.21 PM

Screen shot 2013-09-24 at 2.44.33 PM

Screen shot 2013-09-24 at 9.04.38 PM


Little Green Radicals

I came across this brand many years ago before I had the twins. I fell in love with it then and still love it now – maybe even a little bit more.

Little Green Radicals is a 100% Organic and Fair Trade company, they were in fact in the first batch of companies to be given the Fair Trade certification.

They have used very simple but cleverly creative slogans on their clothing – all with an eco message – but instead of being a bit in your face which some slogan brands can be, these make you smile, laugh and then think.

All of Little Green Radicals prints are water based and made from 100% organic, fair trade cotton – they have also added small touches like Nickel free poppers and enough room in the baby-grows, pants, and body suits for cloth nappies which can be a little bigger than regular disposable nappies.

Screen shot 2013-08-25 at 8.27.40 PM

Screen shot 2013-08-25 at 8.55.49 PM

Screen shot 2013-08-25 at 8.55.16 PM

Screen shot 2013-08-25 at 9.04.53 PM

Screen shot 2013-08-25 at 8.56.43 PM

TOMS shoes – One for One Movement

I first became aware of the TOMS shoe movement a few years back, I was truly inspired by such generosity in the retail industry – We’re used to hearing stories of sweat shops and child labour these days and rarely hear of anything positive, so TOMS is a breath of fresh air in amongst a fairly smoggy retail world.

The ‘One For One Movement’ is so simple it’s beautiful, for every pair of shoes you buy from TOMS they will give a pair to a child in need.

TOMS give shoes to over 50 countries around the world and have given over 2 Million pairs since it’s beginnings in 2006. They have what they call Partners on the ground that know where the shoes are needed and order the right sizes for each child, so once you’ve made your purchase the wheels are then in motion – TOMS then send the shoes to their Partners who distribute them accordingly and to the point where they actually place the shoes on the child’s feet they are meant for. TOMS believe that there should be no hidden costs with Giving so they (in their words) ‘Pick up the Tab’ for transportation and distribution which can be from freight to Donkey delivery.

Below are the shoes and boots given depending on climate and time of year.


TOMS have tried to cater for as many people as possible with their Men, Women and Children’s ranges – they have a great number of different styles from Casual classics, Bright and Glittery, Fun and Eccentric, Uni Campus, Featured Artists, Boots, Wedges, Heels and even Vegan shoes which I’m loving as they are made from Hemp and Recycled plastic bottles!!

This pioneering company has got so much right in my eyes. I’m a firm convert to these shoes, they will have a place on mine and my families feet for many years to come, in fact they are Pixie’s first pair of shoes and we are so pleased with them – and a double bonus is that I can get a pair that match!

 – Pixie’s first pair –

If helping out Millions of people in need of footwear wasn’t enough for TOMS they have now spread the love even further – they have brought out a Sunglasses line with the same principle of the ‘One for One Movement’, not by giving shoes this time but by giving back their sight! 90% of people who are blind or visually impaired live in developing countries TOMS is helping restore sight in 12 of these countries by Prescription Glasses, Sight-saving Surgery or Medical Treatment.

I’m not sure I even need to say this but what a very, very special and loving Movement this is. It feels so good being a part of it and knowing I’ve helped 2 children by simply buying shoes, that’s amazing.