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How we got rid of the kids dummies!

Getting rid of dummies can be a very daunting task. We took about a year to actually do the deed; making up excuses as to why we couldn’t do it. Our main reason was we had a trip to the Uk the following year, and the thought the flight without them was a nightmare!

Dummies/pacifiers can be an amazing settling tool for parents, and a life saver at times too! However I’m not sure I’d give the kids dummies again if we were to do it over again.

Pixie had a dummy from the age of about 2 months, but Bert didn’t want one. It wasn’t until Bert was around 18 months that he decided he wanted one. Both the kids had Gastro and were so sick, Pixie was finding comfort in her dummy and so Bert found one of her’s and started sucking. It really helped him settle, and after that there was no going back!

Pixie at 3 monthsPixie at 3 months with her Natursutten dummy.

Our main reasons for wanting to get rid of them was, damage to their teeth, and the dependency they had on them we felt wasn’t healthy.

My husband and I were thinking of different ways to wean the kids off. We did a lot of reading up on it, and there are so many ideas out there. I think it all depends on the child and what you think they’ll be happy with.

Snoozing in the pram at 20 months.

Here are a few ideas we’ve read about –

  • Leaving the dummies out for the fairies. We thought about this as we have a Lil Fairy door, so it could have worked well. However Bert is a bit more literal than Pixie, and there was a good chance he’d need to see the fairies take them!
  • I read a lot about cutting a small bit off the end of the dummy, and then a little more every few days. The child then realises that it’s not doing its job and don’t want it anymore.
  • Some people recommend just throwing them away – obviously with your child – but just putting them in the bin and showing the bins being collected by the rubbish truck.
  • I’ve heard of a few dummy trees! Where you tie the dummies to the tree and leave it there with hundreds of other dummies!

Dummy tree

  • Slowly reducing when your child has their dummy to just bed time. We tried this so many times and it never stuck!
  • Leave it out for Santa so he can give it to the baby reindeer.
  • Giving it to a baby who needed it.

We went with the giving it to a baby who needed it. We took a trip into the City to run some errands, and we had all the kids dummies in my bag.

The kids seemed excited and proud to be giving their dummies to a baby. We stopped off at a park so they could have a run around. I spotted a mum with an almost newborn. I secretly asked her if she’d play along, and thankfully she said she would. So the kids went up to her with their hands filled with dummies. They gave them to the baby and then ran off to play! I then took the dummies back and put them in the bin, so we weren’t tempted when it got hard later that day.

LoveTotally in love.

The kids were really good all afternoon, but at bedtime it all went a bit wrong. They were both crying lots and asking for their dummies – I was so glad we’d thrown them in the bin in the city, as I might have folded. It was pretty heartbreaking hearing them want something so much that we couldn’t give them. My husband and I ended up lying on the floor, with them both in our arms sobbing themselves to sleep.

Next day was really good, they asked for them a few times here and there, but as soon as we reminded them they’d given them to the baby, they were fine. A few days later – Which is today – they are both doing amazingly, we’re so proud of them.

Our Superheroes.









The Environmental Toothbrush

I came across these toothbrushes while on my travels surfing the net and was instantly drawn to them. I was mainly on the look out for brushes for my husband and I, but when I saw they made kids brushes too I had to get them for the whole family.

The Environmental Toothbrush is made from Bamboo grown by farmers and heat treated to carbonise the surface – this helps the brush last longer, prevents the growth of microbes (mould and bacteria) and provides water resistance, the bristles are made from a BPA FREE polymer which is also resistant to microbial growth.

We are really pleased with these brushes. They’re plain and simple and to be honest I think all these bendy rotating swivelling upside down back to front heads on regular brushes are a little unnecessary. They come with either soft or medium bristles – ours are medium though they felt on the hard side.

The only thing I found with the kids brushes was that the head is a little big for our two who are 14 months old – it’s probably more suited to 5+ – when the kids are bigger though they will most certainly be getting these beautiful brushes.

The Environmental Toothbrush is totally biodegradable – yes bristles and all – you can put into your compost or to landfill, either way it will return to the earth.

Jack N’ Jill Organic toothpaste.

Jack N’ Jill have managed to make the nightmare that was teeth brushing time a relaxed and fun affair, from the biodegradable toothbrushes to the amazing Organic toothpaste Jack N’ Jill seem to have the perfect combination.

The biodegradable toothbrushes are made from Corn starch which is 100% compostable, it takes around 90 days to decompose so no ending up in the landfill like most toothbrushes on the market,  when your done with it you simply break off the bristled head (which goes in the recycling) and put the rest in the compost, It’s as easy as that!


The Organic toothpaste has some wonderful ingredients –

  • Silica is a material that can be found in a variety of different areas around the world it is mostly found in sand and Quartz,  silica is one of the essential nutrients in the body, it has a huge impact on a person’s health, one of which is hardening tooth enamel.
  • Certified Organic Calendula also know as pot Marigold, it’s one of those plants that has endless benefits and should be added to everything and anything! In this case it helps sooth gums.
  • Organic Natural Flavour Blackcurrant, Banana, Blueberry, Raspberry and Strawberry, it’s so yummy I have to stop my husband eating it! (I’m not even joking!).
  • Xylitol this may sound like a chemical but it is completely natural and found in Fruit and Vegetables it also occurs naturally in our bodies, it is naturally sweet so yes does help things taste nicer however do not get it confused with sugar as it most certainly is not,  Xylitol is an important supplement and may help to reduce the risk of tooth decay, everyone interested in healthy teeth should be familiar with its properties and effects.
  • What is DOES NOT have in it is Fluoride, Sugar, Colours, SLS ( this is the chemical that makes your toothpaste foam, which is also in other products such as shampoo!), Preservatives.

When you start brushing your babies teeth they don’t understand what you’re doing or why you’re doing it, and most of the time don’t like it, but I found with the Organic toothpaste the kids loved it so much they just want to chew on the toothbrush bristles, that in its self is cleaning their teeth! Another fact to think about it – babies love to chew everything and toothbrushes are not the exception – if you look at your babies toothbrush you’ll see how it’s all marked with their teeth, with a regular toothbrush they’ll be chewing off small amounts of plastic and consuming it, with this biodegradable one that is not a worry you have to think about, yes they are going to chew it but the only thing they’ll be eating is Corn starch!


Natursutten Dummy (Pacifier)

The Natursutten Dummy… AMAZING!

The Dummy (Pacifier) is a regular part in a lot of babies and toddlers’ lives, so why oh why would anyone put a man made rubber in their mouths! Many dummies have BPA (Bisphenol A) in them which is something many mums are strict about when it comes to bottles but are unaware of with dummies.

Latex dummies leak low levels of nitrosamines (a known carcinogen) and silicone dummies were considered safe for a long time, however no official tests have been done to prove them safe or unsafe (this is not a chance i’d like to take).

The Natursutten dummy is a breath of fresh air having learnt the above, it is made from natural tree rubber (yes rubber comes from trees, i never knew this!), they are made in a mould which means no joins or gaps where dirt and germs can get into, because of this they are a lot easier to clean and generally just cleaner.

Natursutten really is a great example for every company to strive towards. They truly have taken Eco to the top level – the packaging is made from recycled cardboard, the ink used is made from soya, the little window that you’d think was plastic is corn starch and there is a sticker on the back from ROCK! I’m not sure you can get much more Eco friendly than this.

A lot of people ask me when they see Pixie with her dummy “why is it so big?”, the reason is so it gently touches the nose to simulate the sensation of breast feeding which then helps calm and relax the baby.

I tell everyone about these dummies as i think they are an absolute must on your list when preparing for your new arrival (If you’re looking to use one), the alternative really isn’t an option in my eyes.


Pixie with her Dummy.