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Love Mae – Biodegradable dinner sets

Pixie has the Woodland Tea Party set

I love our Love Mae plates, as do the kids! In fact they don’t like eating on anything else at the moment.

Love Mae is a beautiful Australian brand that sells Bamboo dinner wear, Fabric wall stickers, Wrapping paper and Wall paper. All their plate sets are biodegradable which is something I’m looking out for more and more. We’ve had a lot of recycled plates in the past, which are fantastic and I will most certainly still buy them, but knowing your buying something that will not impact the landfill at some point, is a lovely thought.

Reusable Food covers & Wraps by 4MyEarth

Using plastics is something I’m really trying to eliminate from our family life – it’s proving a lot harder than I first thought! I’ve found a fantastic company however that’s helping me towards my goal.

4MyEarth has a large number of products on their site but the ones I’ve been lucky enough to try are the Sandwich wraps, Snack wraps, Snack pockets and Food covers. All of these are made from 100% cotton canvas fabric with a food-safe thermoplastic covering on the inside that’s totally biodegradable, also dishwasher safe and machine washable. All the products are Ethically handmade in India, another plus +++++. In my eyes it’s only half the job done if your product is all singing and dancing Eco friendly but it’s made in a sweat shop!

I’ve found all the products so useful, there is a size and shape wrap or bag for most things it seems. Every time I wrap up the kids sandwiches for the day and put their snacks in the bags I feel good about myself, I’m not sure if it’s because I’m becoming so much more aware of the products I’m using, or it’s the feel of 4MyEarth’s products – they have a slightly old fashioned (in a good way) feel – It’s like I’m having my sandwiches wrapped up in paper before school and I’m about to go out and play Hop-Scotch down the street, then play skipping games. It’s that sense of bringing life back to basics and that can’t be bad.

Wrapping up your sandwich for lunch in cling wrap doesn’t seem like it’s doing much harm for the earth, but that thin bit of plastic adds up fast. 4MyEarth has worked out a rough guide to how much plastic wrapping a child would use over a year, based on them having a sandwich, muffin etc in their lunch bag each day. They worked out it would be 105meters per year dumped into landfill, times that by the number of children in their school say 450 students, thats 47,250meters per year for one school!! I was pretty shocked when I read this which made me even more passionate about these products. 4MyEarth has gone to a lot of trouble to do the research and not just be a pretty product.

Kai Carrier – Washable food pouches

When you’re out and about as a busy mum there are lots of things that go with us in our ever-growing bags, food being a big part for me at the moment. The twins are eating so much it’s hard to keep up!

A little while ago I started buying those yoghurt pouches from the supermarket as they’re so handy and the kids love them, however I was a little concerned about the sweet yoghurt they were eating, and soon realised how much I was wasting when throwing away up to 4 packets a day!

I came across Kai Carrier on my hunt for reusable food pouches, and wanted to give them a go to see if they were easy and quick like the shop bought pre-made brands.

When I first received them I thought they seemed quite thick, but if you think about it you want them to be durable so they are going to be a little thicker than the shop bought brands – being thicker though, is by no means means worse! Kai Carrier differs from other reusable pouch brands as the feeding tube is on the side not the top, this means the zip lock can go at the top instead of the bottom which enables you to stand the pouch on the table while filling, it’s a small detail but makes a big difference.

The volume of the Kai Carrier is 140ml which is a good amount, it fills the twins up really well so no reaching for more like before! I’ve only put yoghurt in our pouches so far but the options are endless really, as long as it’s puree or very mushy.

The Kai Carrier is freezable so great for lunch boxes and long journeys – the pouches are BPA free, Phthalate free and PVC free, dishwasher and microwave safe up to 90C – Yes it takes 5 mins out of your day to fill them and wash them, but it’s so easy what’s 5 mins when it’s good for your kids and the environment, they are a very welcome addition to my growing eco cupboard and actually feel a little bit proud every time I use them, as I know I’ve made the effort.

Re-Play Sippy Cups made from recycled milk jugs

I found this fantastic company ‘Re-Play’ that make all their products from recycled plastic (milk jugs!), so of course we had to try some of their products out, I went with the ‘Spill proof cups’ to start with to see how the kids liked them and guess what… they love them. The kids are at an age now where they are drinking lots of water and when we are out and about at the beach I want to make sure i’ve got enough fluid for them, at almost 300ml it’s a good size to keep the kids hydrated.

The ‘Spill proof cups’ have a silicone valve which stops any spills, eliminating the need for a lid which is great for me as I’m always loosing the lids from the kids’ bottles!

These cups are dishwasher safe and BPA free. Also 2 of the sipper cups will save 4 milk jugs from going to landfill so instead of adding to the ever mounting pile of waste, you can actually help reduce it, and that feels good!


Re-Play is a sustainable company that prides itself on reducing their carbon footprint as much as possible, where as most plastic goods are made in China and shipped to the USA (12,000 miles +), in total from recycle plant to being packaged Re-Play’s products travels 940 miles – obviously once it distributed those miles go up but that saving of 11,000 miles in the beginning is very precious so the environment.

Other products on the Re-Play list of goodies are Utensils, Bowls, Divided plates and Plates, they all come in the same four great colours that you see below.

The kids are now fast approaching the time to use a spoon and fork which i’m very excited about but also dreading the mess – I’m most certainly going to be choosing these products for the twins – THEY ROCK!



Eco Green bags

When looking to become a more Eco-aware mummy, you tend the think of the bigger things you can change… but it’s the small things  that make just as big a difference.

I was out having a picnic with the kids a few weeks back and realised the amount of plastic bags i was using was ridiculous – there had to be another way of packing food for them without a bulky lunchbox – as lets face it we have enough to carry around!

I forgot about my dilemma until I was looking on the Etsy website for inspiration and came across these great ‘Eco Green Bags’, they are so cute and come in some amazing patterns and close securely with velcro. There are snack and sandwich size bags all made from 100% cotton (washable) exterior fabrics and a water-resistant, food-safe, non-toxic nylon lining which contains no lead, no BPA, no phthalates, and no PVC.

eco bag

These sandwich and snack bags are now going to be an essential part of my Yummy Green Mummy bag, simple ideas go a long, long way.