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Ecoriginals – Awesome affordable eco friendly nappies!

I’ve reviewed a few nappies on here before, some washable and some disposable. As much as most of us would love to think we’d use washable, it doesn’t always work out that way – this is most definitely me!

I had every intention of using washable nappies, and even bought a big box when the kids were born. But I’m afraid to say I didn’t stick with it. The kids do wear washable nappies at home sometimes but it’s mainly disposable, and eco as often as I can get them.

Ecoriginals are a husband and wife team, who were disappointed with the quality of the eco friendly nappies available in Australia. It’s such a shame that eco nappies tend to be expensive, some up to 100% more than conventional brands. If eco friendly nappies were truly affordable and reliable, I’m sure our landfill numbers would go down substantially. This is where Ecoriginals fits in, they ARE affordable! And not just affordable for eco nappies but affordable for any nappy. $15.95 for a pack of 30, this is cheaper than the leading brands of regular nappies – Very exciting!

I was given some Ecoriginals nappies to trial on the twins, and I can hands down say I love them – I’m truly impressed with their performance. One of the biggest tests for the nappy was it’s night time reliability. Our son wakes up with a full to bursting nappy, with poo and wee every morning. Sometimes even the regular nappies don’t contain everything (Sorry Bertie if your reading this then your older!). The Ecoriginals nappy was awesome, it kept everything in no leaks at all!

With the results from the previous night, I set out to test the nappies as best as I (Bert) could. Our daughter Pixie has started potty training so she only wears a nappy at night and on long journeys in the car. So it was down to Bert to take them through their paces – And he sure did that!

It was a really hot weekend and the kids were playing in the back garden for most of it. Part of our garden is what you could call a bit wild, so the kids are always getting pretty messy when outside. We had the paddling pool out and were making dens, going up and down the climbing frame and down the slide. We also have a plank of wood that goes down some of the steps, the kids mostly run their cars down it, but they also like to do mini slides down it too, this tends to bobble up any clothes they have on, or roughs up the back of their nappies.

So we had a very active 2.5 year old boy, who was jumping, sliding, climbing, rolling, running, and taking his nappy on and off, on and off to get in and out of the paddling pool. All of the above had no affect on the nappies performance, it was honestly a little surprising – with some eco nappies you do feel like you have to compromise at times, but there was none needed with these.





I’m actually pretty gutted about these nappies if I’m completely honest, I’ve just found them as my kids are starting potty training!!! If I’d known about these before, I’d have been buying them for sure.

Ecoriginals key ingredients are made from plant bases materials, they also use a compostable leak barrier inside the nappy, instead of the plastic layer you find in regular nappies. They also use wood pulp from certified sustainable forests. Ecoriginals are free from chlorine, phthalates, fragrances, lotions, latex and heavy metals.

What I really admire about this couple is that their not stopping there – they also hold their hands up and are the first to say their nappies aren’t 100% compostable. However they are hugely committed to increasing their compostability, and are working with international biotech companies in the search for new biodegradable technology.

Another fantastic element to this brand is the outer packaging is 100% compostable. They are the worlds first, lets hope others follow in their footsteps.

Gently Biodegradable Eco Nappies

This is a very exciting review for me as I really like this product. I have reviewed washable nappies before on my blog, some have been great others not so good. When people decide to use washable nappies it tends to be because for environmental reasons – and as much as I want to say washable nappies are as easy as disposable, I just can’t.

Biodegradable, disposable nappies are mostly pretty expensive, and hard to justify for a lot of us who are on a budget – but along comes Gently Eco Nappies!

I came across their Hybrid nappy last year while in a baby store, I was pretty shocked at the price as they were so cheap, so I had to give them a go.

I loved these nappies as the waste was so low, I was also pleasantly surprised at how much liquid they held, although if I left them on a little too long, when I came to take the insert out of the shell, it would rip.

The Hybrid nappy comprises two parts, the outer water resistant nylon layer that’s machine washable, is 98% degradable in 180 days – and the soft bamboo inner layer that is completely compostable and biodegradable. You can buy starter packs of inserts that have the outer shells in it too, you can also buy the outer shells on their own – and they are super cheap.

Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 2.48.57 PM

There is also a Complete disposable nappy thats come out this year, which is made from the same materials as the insert from the hybrid, with an added extra layer of bamboo on the outside.  The only part that won’t biodegrade is the back tape, so if your wanting to compost them i’d recommend taking the tape off.

I was really excited to try the Complete nappy as i’d liked the hybrid. This nappy is incredibly soft it must feel so much nicer for the twins to wear than a regular nappy. Again I was surprised at the amount of liquid it held, it’s easy to assume something biodegradable might not be as strong as a man-made product. I felt again like I had to keep on top of the changes, not because it leaked but when it was very full it seemed a little less secure than a regular nappy – this was however in situations when the kids already had a full nappy and were playing in the park, making it a little harder to change them. Another time we made an impromptu stop at the beach, the kids were playing in the water wearing Gently nappies – A regular nappy would of probably held out a bit longer, but not so much in a Gently nappy… But these are NOT swim nappies so this was my fault for leaving them on!

Now for the exciting part – the price!

The Hybrid nappy costs as low as 24C per change, where as the leading disposable brands can cost from 30-60C per change, and the toilet training pull ups and be up to $1.40!

The Complete nappy is a little more expensive at 39C per change, but still below most of the leading brands – the reason why it costs a little more than the Hybrid is simple: ‘Waste less and pay less’.

All in all I would recommend these nappies, once you get used to them and know the limits of the nappy it’s easy, this is something that’s true for any new brand you try though.

When I’m able to, I buy Gently nappies. Unfortunately they are not available in Supermarkets, so a little harder to get hold of, however their stockiest are growing at a fast rate – see their site for details.

WaterWipes – The World’s Purest Baby Wipe

The title is quite a statement – The world’s purest baby wipe. I’ve used these wipes for a week now and these are my thoughts.

I always thought using Eco non-perfumed wipes meant I wasn’t putting unnecessary chemicals onto my childern, but when I saw these wipes I had to find out more.

99.9% Water, 0.1% Grapefruit seed extract which is a mild moisturiser – That is all thats in these wipes.

If your child has ever had bad nappy rash you’ll know how painful it is for them to have their nappies changed – and that is heartbreaking for us. Whenever either of my kids have had nappy rash, even the perfume-free eco wipes have caused discomfort, so I’d always just use washable wipes with tepid water, but that is not always easy if you’re out and about or not near a sink.

I’ve since discovered that a common ingredient in Eco and natural wipes is Benzoic Acid, this can be found in cosmetics, dyes, plastics, perfumes, insect repellents but its main use is as a food preservative! It has a warning that goes with it of skin irritations, burning, itching and redness!

I found that Waterwipes also stayed nice and wet, it’s very easy for wipes to dry up if the seal is open and most seals don’t stick for too long once opened.

Another little bonus for me with these wipes is that my daughter Pixie loves sucking baby wipes, obviously we don’t allow it but somehow she manages to pull all the wipes out and we’ll find her in amongst them ‘sorting them out’ and one will undoubtably be in her mouth!

I’m very much a convert to Waterwipes they have taken the purest element Water, and enabled us to use it any time or place on the purest of skin.

Hippybottomus Cloth Nappies

I was sent some of these nappy’s to trial and review, I’ve been desperate to find a cloth nappy that works for us as I’ve tried a few and while being fine – and I know suit a lot of babies – they’re not right for the twins, so reviewing nappies is something I get quite excited about in the hope that I find the ones that work.



I’d not used Pocket nappy’s before and wasn’t sure what to expect, instead of the insert sitting on the top of the nappy there is a pocket between the outer shell and the backing – this is where the insert sits – you still have the poo catcher on top on the nappy of course! I found having the pocket so much neater and it makes life a lot easier when it comes to changing as you don’t have the inserts moving around – and lets face it when you have a toddler/s changing a nappy can be a little tricky!



I’ve found the Hippybottomus nappies so far have held in poos as good as a regular nappy – but I’ve not had any ‘explosions’ to deal with yet – but to be honest regular nappyies don’t always hold those one’s in! As the kids have gotten older I’m finding I don’t have to change their nappies as often which is great obviously, but is this because I’m using disposables that are really absorbent? I put Bert in a Hippybottomus nappy late morning – same time I put Pixie in a regular disposable nappy – the Hippybottomus nappy stayed on over lunch and through their long afternoon nap of 2 hours, as I went in to wake them up I found myself waiting for the big wet patch under Bert and there wasn’t one, or any damp clothes! I had a feel of the nappy and it was definitely full and needed changing.

When I first saw the nappies one of my first thoughts was – WHAT A LOT OF POPPERS! – I wondered how I was going to find change time easy, I expected to be really confused at every change working out what popper to put where, but the reason for them is that it’s a one size fits all nappy – so from birth (3kg) up to potty training (17kg) –  you simply popper the nappy into the right size for your baby and its done, you can keep it popper’d up so you’re not doing it every change – it also has hip poppers that make sure there are no gaps resulting in far less leakages.

These nappies are made from Bamboo Charcoal – this is bamboo that has been heated to temperatures over 120C – Bamboo is known for being absorbent but once it’s carbonated it becomes even more so, this means that any moisture is drawn into the insert fast and resulting in less nappy rash. The outer shell is made from PUL (polyurethane laminate) and polyester which makes it very waterproof hence no wet patches on Bert’s cot!

The nappies wash really well and so far no oder has stayed on the nappies – another amazing benefit to bamboo charcoal – I’ve however found the inserts have taken a little while to dry outside in the sun but it has been quite fresh so I’m sure on a warmer day or inside a warm house it would be far quicker.

All in all I’m very impressed with these nappies and will definitely carry on using them and would recommend to anyone to try one out and see if it suits your child.


Washable nappies by Cushie Tushie

Washable nappies have been used for generations – ok sometimes less than efficiently, but I’m hoping to test a few different brands out, and see how far they have come from the Terry Towelling years.

The first nappies I’ve chosen to test are Cushie Tushies, these nappies come in bright and fun designs, and are incredibly soft as made from Bamboo, so no rubbing or nappy rash.

Cushie Tushies have a lovely range of accessories, from washable wipes to Eco washing detergent (which smells amazing), all of which are equally bright and colourful – Oh and did I mention incredibly soft?!

kidsnappiesHaving twins means double the outlay as you can imagine, so even though I might be spending a lump sum to begin with, in the end it works out so much cheaper, I’d be saving at least $4000 a year!!