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Skin care from your Herb garden – The Physic Garden

I love the idea of your Herb Garden providing for you – not just your veggie’s, but in a medicinal and healing way too.

Charelle Founder of The Physic Garden, has bought her knowledge of Naturopathy (and being brought up in a household, where her parent sold their own herbal products), and created the most beautiful balms and salts.

Atom Boutique – 100% Pure Argan oil


I thought I knew what Argan oil was – I’d smelt the hair oils and treatments you can find in the shops – but they’re nothing like the real 100% pure Argan oil. The first thing I noticed was the smell, it wasn’t over powering but beautifully subtle and nutty.

I came across Atom on Instagram, and loved all their Moroccan images. I then started looking at their products closely and was really intrigued by 100% Argan oil – So I had to find out more!

Firstly Atom is a Vegan brand, their products are sustainably harvested through Fair Trade, and are grown organically in Morocco. It’s a really labour intensive process producing Argan oil, with it all being hand-picked and hand ground.

Top 5 Natural Sunscreens

Summer is here in Australia, and we’re a nation that takes our UV protection seriously. Skin Cancer accounts for 80% of all newly diagnosed Cancers, and 95% – 99% of those will be due to sun exposure.

Having the right balance of UV production and Vitamin D absorbtion is vital. If you have darker skin you will need to stay in the sun longer to absorb the right amounts of Vitamin D, as the skin pigment acts as a natural sunscreen. Here is a good chart from SunSmart (<<— click here) on skin type and sun exposer.

Enjo – Chemical Free Cleaning

Recently I wrote an article for the Lifestyle Channel website, it was Top 5 eco-friendly products for your Spring clean. One of the products in my list was ENJO, and it happened to be the only one I’d not used myself, but having heard such great things about it – and it being completely chemical free – I felt it deserved a place on the list.

ENJO contacted me after seeing the article and asked if I’d like to try their products. I was excited as like I said before, I’d heard such rave reviews about them.

I was sent the Kitchen ‘Matt Pack’ with an added Kitchen Glove. There are lots of different ‘Packs’ you can buy, Bathroom care, Floor care, Living care, Outdoor care, Car care and even Skin care!

Jwhite Originals – Handmade and upcycled fashion

Instagram’s amazing, it’s brought so much of what’s out there to people’s attention, including my own. I mentioned in my last post, Top 6 Most inspiring mum’s on Instagram, that it took me a while to find my groove on who I wanted to follow. I deleted most of the fashion labels when we started our Buy Nothing New for a year. But there were a few I kept due to their ethical and eco-friendly nature.

I can’t even remember how I came across JWhite Originals, but I remember showing my husband and saying ‘this is AWESOME!’. So I contacted Jessica in New York and told her I had to spread the work in Australia, her clothes needed to be seen!

Jessica hand makes each piece, she also uses water based eco-friendly inks and screen prints by hand too. Items are produced in small batches. She also makes limited editions, which are Upcycled from clothes found in Op/Thrift shops.