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Top 5 Eco – Easter ideas

Easter for many kids has turned into the green light for eating as much chocolate as possible, and it’s easy to see why parents buy into it and let them have this day of indulgence – we love seeing our kids happy.

I didn’t come from a family that gave out lots of eggs. My brother and I got one egg each, which was plenty even though at the time I’m sure I wished there were more!

With our two being only 3 they’re still unaware of Easter, and what it means to some people. We feel like we’re at a good age with them to start as we mean to go on.

As a Vegan family Easter is always going to be a little harder – or easier, it depends how you look at it – Sure you can get dairy free eggs, but not as readily. And giving 3-year-old twins Dark chocolate is not the best idea, especially after dinner!

I’m not here to tell you what is right or wrong, as there’s neither. I’m going to go through a few ideas on how you can make Easter not just about chocolate.

1. A great company I’ve just recently come across is Eco eggs. These Easter eggs are made from a non toxic plastic that’s derived from plants. They are 100% compostable and open up so you can fit treasures inside.

Eco eggs

I love the idea of these as you can use them year after year, and you can think of your own little surprises to put inside. If you’re wanting to avoid chocolate and sweets altogether, here are some ideas on what you could put in them.

Micro machine cars would be heaven for Bert, he’d love them over chocolate any day.

micro machines

A few coins here and there, kids love getting pocket-money and this would feel like such a bonus to get cash.

Pocket money

Crazy shaped natural crayons would be fun, you’d just have to buy one pack and your sorted.

Crazy crayons

There are any number of small toys that your child might be into. My two love playing with little toys, I’m not sure if it’s just because they’re little¬†and it’ll change once they get bigger, but for now they love anything tiny.Tiny toys

You could also put food in there is you wanted, like chocolate coated sultanas, nuts, dried fruit, popcorn, berries or a little sweet like a jelly baby.

2. Last year the kids had an Easter egg hunt, and we used Nacido’s shaker eggs as a part of it. As the kids were only just 2 they didn’t know that chocolate eggs were normally the prize!

Nacido egg3. You could also make your own eggs! I know it sounds a little trickier than it actually is. I came across this recipe for Healthy Oatmeal Peanut Butter Eggs, and they do look pretty scrummy.

Peanut butter easter eggs

4. If you’re wanting to dye your eggs for a hunt or as decoration there are a few brands that have great eco natural dyes. Eco-kids do a lovely egg colouring kit with all the dyes made from organic fruit and veggies. Glob colors are also a brand with a great natural egg colouring kit.

eco eggs

5. If you’re a Vegan family or someone has an egg allergy in your house, EggNots are a fun and realistic way of getting the look and feel that you want – traditional chicken egg without the chicken! They’re made from a dyeable ceramic product so will last well and look lovely.



At the end of the day, Easter is about (If you’re not religious) having fun and making the most of spending time together. ¬†There are lots of alternative ways to enjoy Easter, without as much chocolate.

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