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  1. Ann | 22nd Oct 13

    Hi there, I’m interested in trying your washing powder recipe but wanted to know if there’s a substitute for Dr Bronner’s soap as it’s unavailable where I live in country Western New South Wales. My only option would be to purchase online. Kind regards, Ann

    • Yummy Green Mummy | 23rd Oct 13

      Hi Ann,
      I ordered the Dr Bronner’s soap online too. However if you didn’t want to do that – you can substitute it with any soap, I used Dr Bronner as it’s organic and biodegradable. I wouldn’t however use soap that has moisturiser in like Dove as it has to many chemicals.
      I hope this helps and happy making!
      I’m still on my first batch and it’s been months and not even a 1/4 through it yet.

      All the best

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