Living Plastic free – Why should we do it?

Photo credit – Plastic Pollution Coalition

OK, so living Plastic free sounds like a massive undertaking, so why should we even consider it?

Plastic came on the market in the early 20th century, developed because the use of animal products was endangering species – horn, ivory and tortoiseshell amongst others.

Of course the reduction of animal deaths, due to the use of plastics was a positive outcome, but all too quickly the scales started tipping the other way, with plastics being used for single/throw away uses.

What about recycling? Well yes, we can recycle some plastics, but only once or twice – so that plastic regardless if it’s brand new, or recycled will still end up in landfill. Every piece of plastic that has ever been made is still sitting in our Earth and Oceans – this blows me away, and disgusts me!

Single use plastics are one of the biggest worries for the planet, as these get churned out by the millions – America alone uses 500 Million straws per day! It seems crazy that these items are used for just minutes, if that, and then thrown in the bin to be forever left on this earth – Plastic does not break down!

Knowing all of these facts, surely we’re ready to make a change? One person can’t make a big enough difference on their own – but thats why we’re in this position now, as too many people are saying – ‘it’s not going to make any difference me doing it’- when the reality is that are the starting point in your home, friend-group or community, and don’t we own that to ourselves, our children, our ancestors and our planet? I truly feel we do.

More and more bio plastics are being developed all the time. These are a fantastic alternative as they will biodegrade. I found some amazing beach toys years ago by Zoe b Organics, and we still have them today.

There’s a whole ‘Plastic free’ movement going on that’s growing by the year. There are some amazing blogs out there, where people are really inspiring me and so many others to think more consciously about what they are buying, and if they really need that plastic bag to carry a block of cheese?

Women that have been inspiring me with their courage to make this their life are:
Tammy from Gippsland Unwrapped,
Beth Terry from My Plastic free life,
and Erin from The Rouge Ginger.

I’ve been lucky enough to interview Tammy from Gippsland Unwrapped, she gave some really awesome answers, and has most certainly inspired me to take up the Plastic Free July Challenge – I can’t wait to share the interview with you all.

If any of you are interested in taking up the Plastic free Challenge in July, click the link below and join me on this adventure!

Plastic Free July.


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