My Top 6 most inspiring mumma’s on Instagram

I’ve been on Instagram since it started, and it’s probably my favourite social media site, for so many reasons. It’s taken me a while to get into the groove of who I want to follow. At first I was following a lot of consumer and fashion brands, but when we started our ‘Buy nothing new for a year‘ I decided I needed to take 90% of that temptation away. So I started searching for brands and people to follow that truly inspired me.

As a blogger that focuses on being a mum and a family unit, I wanted to share with you who has inspired me, and these 6 women have most certainly done that.

1 – Erin Ashleigh (@erinashleighh)

Her bio is short and simple – Plant eater, nature lover, explorer – and there is really no need for Erin to write any more, as her photos speak for themselves. Real thought and beauty has been put into each photo, completely natural and of the moment. I really feel like I’m looking into someone’s life who knows who they are, and how they want to walk on this Earth. That in itself is incredibly inspiring to me.

Erin has recently started a blog Willow Seed Wandering, and I’m really excited to see how it progresses.

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2 – Shannon Robertson (@shannbenntt)

Shannon is one of those women that makes you proud to be a woman (and also makes you feel a little lazy!). With her two children Bodhi 2 and Skye 1, she and her husband Blake hike, climb and camp around the US, taking in some of the most stunning sites. When I look at her photo’s, I really feel like anything is achievable if you put your mind to it.

Shannon has a series of short documentary films coming out called Born Wild, where she is followed with two other hiking mums and their kids. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for it.

3 – Brianna (earth.herb.mama)

Brianna’s Instagram page it true Mother Earth at its best, it’s ‘The Simple life’ and thats so warming to see. It’s like watching someone stepping as lightly as they can on the Earth, not wanting to harm it. There’s nothing posed or set up, this is how life is in their home, and what a beautiful place that is for children to be brought up.

Two elements that play a big part on Brianna’s page are, Bee’s and Kombucha! They have a wonderful beehive in the back garden, and the interaction between herself, her family and the bee’s is quite beautiful. Kombucha is a massive passion of mine, so I’m always looking too see if I can find any tips on her page!

4- Lucy AitkenRead (@lulasticblog)

Lucy, her husband and their two kids have moved from a house in South London to a Yurt in New Zealand. There’s a romance about their life that I find wonderful, even if it’s not something I think I could or would actually do. Lucy is a self confessed ‘cosleeping, breastfeeding, babywearing mummy’, who’s youngest is a nappy free baby – since birth!

They live a wild life, with an outdoor compost toilet under the sky – so rain or shine you’re in the elements. An outdoor tap with water cyphoned from a stream, is their only source of water, including for showers!

Their life is certainly not for everyone, in fact probably not for most. But it does make you think – we don’t need to live this 9-5, 24/7 consumer lifestyle, that society makes us believe we need. Getting your Wild on, is something we should all be doing a bit more! To read more about Lucy’s crazy-awesome life, check out her blog Lulastic and the Hippyshake.

5 – Daughter of the Earth (@daughteroftheearth_)

Her Bio reads – Daughter of the Earth, catching rainbows, planting wildflower seeds, raising little family off grid. That had me interested before I even started looking at her pictures.

This woman knows who she is, and that’s incredibly powerful to see. There’s a primitive, healing and sacred vibe to her page, and I’m always interested to see what wonderful gems of light she shares with us.

6 – Emily Gimellaro (@bearfootbeekeeper)

Emily’s page is great, there’s no bells and whistles – just everyday mummy life, which is beautiful. As her account name suggests, she has a beehive and likes to live life bear foot.

It’s always so nice seeing family life in its most natural form – the kids outside getting a bit mucky, picking plants, nurturing animals (or insects!) and splashing in puddles. Emily loves baking Sourdough and brewing Kombucha, this is documented along with her bee’s and honey quite regularly on her page.

 Thank you ladies for inspiring me everyday.

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