Washable nappies by Cushie Tushie

Washable nappies have been used for generations – ok sometimes less than efficiently, but I’m hoping to test a few different brands out, and see how far they have come from the Terry Towelling years.

The first nappies I’ve chosen to test are Cushie Tushies, these nappies come in bright and fun designs, and are incredibly soft as made from Bamboo, so no rubbing or nappy rash.

Cushie Tushies have a lovely range of accessories, from washable wipes to Eco washing detergent (which smells amazing), all of which are equally bright and colourful – Oh and did I mention incredibly soft?!

kidsnappiesHaving twins means double the outlay as you can imagine, so even though I might be spending a lump sum to begin with, in the end it works out so much cheaper, I’d be saving at least $4000 a year!! 

Is there really such a thing as a Biodegradable Potty?

YGM pottyYou might think I’m mad but yes I’ve found a Biodegradable Potty, it’s by a company called Ecolife who have a great range of bio products not just for babies

I Love this potty – it’s simply amazing. Made from bamboo and rice husks, that have been ground into a fine powder, then mixed with a biodegradable resin, this potty has come from nature and will return to nature once your little one has finished with it. So once potty training your bundle has come to an end, you can plant the potty in your garden add some seeds of your choice, and watch them grow – the potty breaks down and becomes food for the seeds instead of adding to that ever growing landfill mountain.