Love Mae – Biodegradable dinner sets

Pixie has the Woodland Tea Party set

I love our Love Mae plates, as do the kids! In fact they don’t like eating on anything else at the moment.

Love Mae is a beautiful Australian brand that sells Bamboo dinner wear, Fabric wall stickers, Wrapping paper and Wall paper. All their plate sets are biodegradable which is something I’m looking out for more and more. We’ve had a lot of recycled plates in the past, which are fantastic and I will most certainly still buy them, but knowing your buying something that will not impact the landfill at some point, is a lovely thought.

Back to school gear – with an eco twist

Whether your kids are starting back at school or starting for the first time, the beginning of a school term I can imagine is a little stressful (my two are not quite 4, so I’m not there yet!). From what I remember when I was younger, there was so much stuff that mum would have to get us. New uniforms, shoes, books, sometimes bags, stationary, lunch boxes, drink bottles, folders, calculators and the list can go on.

Top 5 Natural Sunscreens

Summer is here in Australia, and we’re a nation that takes our UV protection seriously. Skin Cancer accounts for 80% of all newly diagnosed Cancers, and 95% – 99% of those will be due to sun exposure.

Having the right balance of UV production and Vitamin D absorbtion is vital. If you have darker skin you will need to stay in the sun longer to absorb the right amounts of Vitamin D, as the skin pigment acts as a natural sunscreen. Here is a good chart from SunSmart (<<— click here) on skin type and sun exposer.

Driftwood Christmas decorations

I recently posted an article on how to make a felt Christmas tree decoration. And this is following the same suit, but using a bit of nature too.

When Christmas was in my sights, and I could begin making things, (without looking like a crazed Christmas elf) I hunted around my ever-growing craft cupboard, to see what I could find. I came across a big bag of ribbons, and the lightbulb went off. I remembered seeing online – probably Pinterest – a type of driftwood and ribbon decoration. So next trip to the beach, I got my little Christmas helpers to find as many small sticks as possible. Now I asked for sticks, and I got an array of blades of grass, flowers and branches, and the odd few that were perfect!

I think this has to be my easiest, and my favourite decoration I’ve made over the years – it just looks so pretty!

All you need is some ribbon, string or hemp twine, and small pieces of wood – I used driftwood, but if you’re not by the beach you could find any that you like, just as long as it doesn’t bend.

Homemade felt Christmas tree decorations!

Christmas is almost here!! I love this time of year, even though its hard being away from family in the UK! When my Husband and I moved over here 5.5 years ago, we had no Christmas decorations – we wanted them to grow organically, not buy them all in our first year.