Plastic Free July – Can I do it, and why do I want to?

Well the title says it all really –

But for those of you who aren’t familiar with ‘Plastic Free July’, it’s a movement that was born in Western Australia. It started in 2011 to raise awareness of the amount of plastic we use, and to encourage people to forgo single use plastics for the month of July – Plastic Free July is now world-wide, and looks to be picking up speed every year.

I’m pretty excited about doing this challenge, but equally worried. I wrote a post a few months ago, on why should we go plastic free, and since then I’ve looked at everything I buy, and started choosing the brands that don’t use plastic – if there’s that option, which quite often there isn’t! And it’s astonishing just how much plastic is in everything, and a lot of the time it’s unnecessary packaging.


There are small items, that shouldn’t matter really, like the crackers my kids like to eat, that I tell myself I can do without for a month. But the whole purpose for this challenge for me, is to take as much as possible and carry it on in everyday life, after the challenge is over.

This is in no way something I want to contribute too.

I did an interview ( >here<) with the wonderful Tammy, from Gippsland Unwrapped a few months ago, she was so inspiring and I came away feeling like this was maybe a lifestyle change for me – that would be the best possible outcome, but I’m not going to put that pressure on myself, as even the smallest change is still a change for the good.

When I talked to my husband about doing Plastic Free July, he was completely onboard, but brought up a few questions, that maybe aren’t clear by the challenge name, like – Can I buy a computer, car and phone etc, if needed during that month? The answer is yes you can. Living plastic free, isn’t about giving up every single bit of plastic, as that might well be close to impossible. It’s about eliminating the use of the single use plastics, like straws, take away coffee lids, food shopping bags, plastic wrapped fruit and veg, crisps, bread etc. Now this is to mention only a few, and even this seems daunting, but changing just one really does help.

Here is a list of things that I buy fairly regularly, that I’m going to have to find a plastic free alternative.

Nut milks, cereals, crackers, cheese, yogurt, olive oil spread, pasta, bread wraps, kids veggie burgers, frozen fruit, washing up liquid, washing powder ingredients (recipe >here<), kids shower gel, frozen pastry, bread, coconut water, toilet cleaner, bin bags, window cleaner, tea, craft stuff like glue and sticking tape.

I’m sure there’s probably more, but this is what I’ve come across so far. I shall document how I go finding alternatives for these, some are going to be easier than others I feel!


Good luck to those of you doing the challenge, keep me posted on how you’re doing, and feel free to share ideas.






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