Wooden LEGO bricks

This beautiful idea was brought to life by a Japanese designer Mokulock who has created – in my opinion – a stunning take on a classic child toy. The blocks are handmade from Birch and Maple which gives it the variation that kids like, these blocks are also made seemingly to the original LEGO size so you can interchange both for an even more creative play experience, however there is a disclaimer on the Mokulock box saying these block may warp or fit together imprecisely depending on the climate you live in.

In the box set you get 50 bricks which is a good amount but not massive – I am trying to work out how to order these as the website is totally in Japanese, i’ve come across one site that help you order things from Japan – so they order the item for you and you pay them, having not used it before I can’t confirm how good the site is but i’ll list it below.




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